Flight School Association of North America – Loss of Training Expenses Insurance Program

The Flight School Association of North America (FSANA) has partnered with Hiscox Global Flying and Schrager Hampson Aviation Insurance Agency to offer you the opportunity to take out comprehensive loss of training expenses insurance for the trainee pilots undergoing their professional flight training at your flight school or training facility.

Loss of training expenses insurance protects trainee pilots against the possibility of being unable to complete their professional pilot training course due to an injury or illness.

For those considering a challenging and exciting career as a professional pilot, the significant cost involved in obtaining a commercial pilot license is a key consideration. This policy is available to flight schools on a group basis and can be a distinctive and important advantage over other competitors. If your flight facility offers financing or partners with another loan provider to help trainee pilots and their families to fund the cost of the training, such interests can be noted on a policy so that your loan is protected.

Benefits of the Cover

We understand the benefit of clear policy wordings so you have clarity regarding the coverage in place. The FSANA group loss of training expenses policy is a Guaranteed Issue product and includes:

  • lump sum benefit for long-term/permanent unfitness;
  • 25% psychological cover;
  • living expenses cover;
  • worldwide cover.

There is a simple enrollment process for this cover as it is a Guaranteed Issue product. All you need to do is fill in a short Group Questionnaire and return to David Hampson at Schrager Hampson Aviation Insurance Agency along with a list of trainee pilots you’re looking to cover (names, DOBs, sum insured amounts). There is no individual application form or individual medical underwriting required.

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