Private Aviation Insurance

We insure all types of private aircraft, from two seater experimentals up to large jets. Whether you are looking to purchase your first aircraft or are a seasoned aircraft owner, we can guide you through the insurance buying process and help you procure the right insurance coverage to protect your aircraft and to protect yourself.

Depending on the aircraft being purchased and the qualifications of the pilot, there could be a wide range in available liability limits as well as significant training requirements to consider. If you are deciding between buying several different aircraft, we will use our underwriting expertise and experience to provide you with an overview of the advantages and disadvantages of each option from an insurance perspective, and help you make an informed decision. There is nothing worse than buying an aircraft only to find out later that the insurance training requirements are untenable, and/or the available liability limits are too low to provide you with adequate protection.

For renter pilots, we also offer non-owned aircraft liability at very affordable rates. Without this coverage, a renter pilot could be exposing himself or herself to significant uninsured exposure, particularly if the aircraft owner’s policy does not provide a waiver of subrogation for the renter pilot. We can review the contract with the rental facility and provide you with recommendations on the coverage types and amounts to purchase.

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